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Choosing to Live Every Moment
At Auburn Crest Hospice, we believe in the power of choice and the right that we all should choose to live every moment. Choosing hospice care is a positive step in affirming the value of life - even during life’s final months.
Our private and personalized care provides comfort and support for those in the final stages of life and for their families. We at the Hospice understand that this is a difficult time for any individual, as well as their family and friends. That is why our caring staff and volunteers endeavor to provide an environment of love, caring, peace and dignity to each individual and the opportunity to live the remainder of their life with respect, understanding and joy. Auburn Crest Hospice can help families personalize the end-of-life experience.
Throughout our site, you’ll find information about the many services Auburn Crest Hospice provides as well as the many ways Hospice can support you in coping with illness or dealing with grief. You can find details on everything from how Hospice works to who is eligible for Hospice, who pays for Hospice and how you can get help immediately.
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